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Executive Advisory Board Member

MD Aligne Team Michael J. Romanzo Michael J. Romanzo is a pharmacist with more than 38 years of experience across the pharmacy industry. Mike holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Fordham University, Bronx, NY, and a pharmacy degree from Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Services, Albany, NY.

Mike started his pharmacy career with CVS pharmacy. He held various management positions there including Regional Pharmacy Manager, where he was responsible for the pharmacy operations and associated personnel of more 200 CVS drug stores throughout New England. Additionally, Mike held the position of Manager of Pharmacy Development and was responsible for the marketing and administration of the initial pharmacy benefit management (PBM) services of CVS pharmacy.

In 1994, Mike joined Consultec, Inc. (now Xerox Health Care Services) as the General Manager of the PBM division. During his tenure here, Consultec became the industry leader in providing real time pharmacy claims processing and PBM services to the fee-for-service components of state Medicaid agencies. By 1999, Consultec was managing more than $2 billion in pharmacy expenditures for both commercial and government plan sponsors.

In 1999, Mike was recruited by Merck-Medco, the largest PBM in the country, as the Senior Vice President of Account Services for their middle market division, Systemed, LLC. In this role, Mike was responsible for overseeing the account services to more than 300 employer plan sponsors across the county.

After the spin-off of Medco Health Solutions from Merck in 2003, Mike became Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer for the Systemed division. For the next three years, he managed and directed all account, business and clinical operations of the division. He was also responsible for marketing and communications, new product development and project and change management.

In 2006, Mike was named President of the Systemed division, and joined Medco Health Solutions’ Management Committee. Under his leadership, Systemed became an industry leader in providing PBM services to mid-market plan sponsors. From 2006 to 2012, the client based doubled to nearly 1,200 plan sponsors and membership under management increased to 6 million covered lives. Systemed grew to become a $6 billion division of Medco.

In 2012, Medco Health Solutions merged with Express Scripts and Mike retired from the company in June of that year.

Today, Mike is Chief Strategy Officer for RxBenefits, Inc., a privately held pharmacy benefits administrator in Birmingham, AL. He also serves as an executive advisor for Active Care, a diabetes wellness company located in Salt Lake City, UT. He is a member of the Georgia Pharmacy Association.