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MD iPass / FAQs


  • 1. Why should I register for MD iPass?

  • 2. How much does MD iPass cost?

  • 3. Is MD iPass Insurance? Will my insurance cover MD iPass Doctor Visits?

  • 4. Where can I receive discounts using my MD iPass?

  • 5. What are the services and benefits of the MD iPass Program?

  • 6. When should I use MD iPass?

For additional questions, chat with a nurse online, or call 1-855-717-6300. Doctors and nurses are available anytime - day or night.

Choose the service that’s right for you:

Speak with a Doctor


When to use?

  • You don’t know what’s wrong

  • You have new symptoms

  • You’re unsure of your condition

Talk with a Doctor and Nurse within 60 minutes
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When to use?

  • You have a pre-existing or chronic condition

  • You need maintenance medications

  • You know what you are dealing with

You’ll have a response within 3-4 hours
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Speak with a Nurse


When to use?

  • Discuss your health concerns

  • Help you select the service that is right for you

  • Coordinate your care

Call A Nurse Now 1-855-717-6300
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  • Speak with A Nurse or Consult with A Doctor Anytime - Day or Night