After the Visit

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Doctor Visits / After the Visit

After the Visit

As part of your MD iPass doctor visit, the doctor may write a prescription for medication or an order for a diagnostic test. Our goal is to support you throughout your care. Therefore, MD iPass will not only coordinate your next steps, but will help you receive a significant discount along the way!

Prescription Medications

MD iPass offers two convenient ways to get your prescriptions. You can pick up your prescription medication at a participating, local pharmacy, or have it shipped directly to your home or office. Click here to find one of our 47,000 participating pharmacies in your neighborhood.

Lab Testing

If medically necessary, the doctor may order a lab test as a part of the follow up to your doctor visit. MD iPass will arrange your discounted lab testing at one of our 1,600 partner locations. Pre-pay through the MD iPass portal, find a Lab Testing Center near you, and schedule an appointment by calling a MD iPass Nurse at 1-855-717-6300. As an MD iPass member, your lab test results will be sent back to your MD iPass doctor for review. Then, an MD iPass nurse will contact you with the results and to discuss any next steps.

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  • You have a pre-existing or chronic condition

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