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About Us

We created MD iPass to give consumers a pass to easier healthcare. Let’s face it, getting healthcare isn’t easy. Wait times are long. Referrals are complicated. Co-pays are high – and getting higher. Insurance is difficult to navigate.

Our Vision

Building on our core values of respect for all we touch, integrity in all we do and care for our customer; our vision is to deliver convenient and affordable access to quality healthcare for everyone.

With MD iPass membership, you can have an exceptional and affordable healthcare experience—no matter who you are—through our Doctor Visits and Health Discounts.

There are no membership or annual fees to be an MD iPass member, but registration is necessary to receive all the benefits of MD iPass. While MD iPass is not a replacement for insurance, many insurance companies, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), and Flexible Savings Accounts (FSAs) do recognize MD iPass doctor visits as medically valid, and may reimburse expenses.

MD iPass is committed to bringing you ease and affordability in managing your health your way. Join now, and feel better knowing that MD iPass is always with you.

Our Team

Executive Team

John-Palumbo - President and CEO
President and CEO
Marc-Rubinger - Chief Operating Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Glenn-Stewart - VP of Finance
VP of Finance

Choose the service that’s right for you:

Speak with a Doctor


When to use?

  • You don’t know what’s wrong

  • You have new symptoms

  • You’re unsure of your condition

Talk with a Doctor and Nurse within 60 minutes
Start TeleConsult



When to use?

  • You have a pre-existing or chronic condition

  • You need maintenance medications

  • You know what you are dealing with

You’ll have a response within 3-4 hours
Start eConsult

Speak with a Nurse


When to use?

  • Discuss your health concerns

  • Help you select the service that is right for you

  • Coordinate your care

Call A Nurse Now 1-855-717-6300
Start Nurse Chat
  • Speak with A Nurse or Consult with A Doctor Anytime - Day or Night

What People Are Saying


The nurse at MD iPass guided me through an eConsult and I had a new prescription in a couple of hours.


Thanks to MD iPass I was able to enjoy my vacation with no disruption!
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Without missing any work, I was on the road to recovery and had saved hundreds of dollars. I will refer my friends to MD iPass!

Business Owner

Being able to help you receive the healthcare you deserve at an affordable cost and at your convenience is one of the many reasons I find it rewarding to be a part of the MD iPass Doctor Network.

MD iPass Doctor